Key Benefits

  • Inhibits biofouling and avoids the relevant costs
  • Reduces maintenance costs (low cleaning costs, diving operations costs, repair works costs)
  • Deters predator attacks and prevents escapes
  • Resists adverse weather conditions
  • Increases water flow circulation and oxygenation
  • Improves Growth Rate (SGR)
  • Reduces Feed Conversion Rate (FCR)
  • Decreases Mortality Rate
  • Maintains internal volume
  • Lasts longer
  • Fully recyclable

Delivering Benefits for Fish Farmers

  • SGR: 15% increase
  • Predator attacks: down to < 0.1%
  • Labour hours/tonne: 79% reduction
  • On-site energy use: 15% reduction
  • Mortality: less than 4%
  • FCR: 15% improvement
  • Feed use: 10% reduction
  • Antibiotics: 31% reduction

Environmental Benefits

  • Preserves the marine environment
  • Respects biodiversity
  • Reduces Feed Inputs
  • Reduces material and energy inputs on-site
  • Reduces waste and material sent to landfill
  • Fully recyclable
The Benefits of UR30® Copper Alloy:
Improves fish health and welfare
Excludes predators and prevents escapes
Reduces maintenance
Maintains cage volumes
Long-lived and recyclable
Environmentally friendly